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Results ( 6 ) : 2013 - 4.

Financing Choices of Insurance Companies: A Summary of the Literature

Authors: J. Dhaene, M. Saerens, F. Schoubben, C. Van Hulle, G. Wuyts

Abstract: This paper aims to provide a summary of the extant literature on the financing choices of insurers. We first take a closer look at the balance sheet of insurers and subsequently summarize general models of financing decisions and how the literature...

Subjective Performance Measurement: A Literature Review

Authors: T. Hermans, M. Cools, A. Van Den Abbeele

Abstract: This article provides an overview of academic research on subjective performance measurement, a practice that intends to remedy the weaknesses of evaluations solely based on objective quantitative performance measures. The literature on subjective ...

The Link Between Corporate Environmental Performance and Corporate Value: A Literature Review

Authors: R. Brouwers, F. Schoubben, C. Van Hulle, S. Van Uytbergen

Abstract: There is a long-standing debate regarding the link between corporate environmental performance and financial firm performance. Up to the present, this debate has been an important trigger for empirical research. It is oft en argued, however, that t...

Disclosure of Non-Financial Information: Relevant to Financial Analysts?

Authors: R. Orens, N. Lybaert

Abstract: The decline in the relevance of financial statement information to value firms leads to calls from organizational stakeholders to convey non-financial information in order to be able to judge firms’ financial performance and value. This literature ...

The Contribution of Dynamic Capabilities to New Venture Survival in Nascent Markets: Th e Boundary Role of Stability

Authors: R. De Cock, B. Clarysse

Abstract: The dynamic capability literature has argued that dynamic capabilities are of most importance to companies that face dynamic environments. New ventures in nascent markets are in such a situation. They need to develop dynamic capabilities to survive...

The Impact of Diff erent Body-Sizes of Non-Celebrity Endorsers on Advertising Effectiveness

Authors: I. Roozen

Abstract: Many studies have shown that attractive endorsers are more successful in creating positive attitudes towards advertisements than their less attractive counterparts. This paper focuses on the attractiveness of the body-sizes of the endorsers. In a f...