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Results ( 4 ) : 2013 - 1.

Valuating Noise Reduction Benefits with Hedonics: Heterogeneity in NDSIs from Road Noise

Authors: M. Franck, J. Eyckmans, S. Rousseau

Abstract: Policy evaluations (such as cost-benefit analysis) of noise reduction measures require reliable estimates of society’s willingness to pay for improving environmental quality. Hedonic regressions are widely used in the literature for that purpose. T...

Recent Evolutions in Costing Systems: A Literature Review of Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing

Authors: L. Siguenza-guzman, A. Van Den Abbeele, J. Vandewalle, H. Verhaaren, D. Cattrysse

Abstract: This article provides a comprehensive literature review of Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC), a relatively new tool to improve the cost allocation to products and services. After a brief overview of traditional costing and activity based c...

Measuring Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Optimizing the Greenness of Supply Chain Logistics

Authors: D. Inghels, S. De Leeuw, W. Dullaert, J. Hermann

Abstract: In optimizing the greenness of supply chains, greenhouse gas reduction for transportation and warehousing play a substantial role. This paper highlights that most of the research is conducted on the transportation side and that research and optimiz...

The Political Economy of EU Enlargement: Impact on Decision-Making and Budget

Authors: C. Crombez

Abstract: The eastward enlargement of the European Union in the past ten years arguably represents the EU’s principal foreign policy achievement. The economic merits of this accomplishment were, however, hotly contested. In this article I focus on the politi...