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Results ( 4 ) : 2013 - 2.

How International Operations Affect the Capital Structure of Multinationals: A Review of the Literature

Authors: S. Van Konnegem, C. Van Hulle

Abstract: The rising globalization of the past decades has been pushing firms to expand their activities internationally in order to remain competitive. Serving foreign markets offers various opportunities, but also exposes firms to additional risks affectin...

A Closer View at the Patient Surgery Planning and Scheduling Problem: A Literature Review

Authors: M. Samudra, E. Demeulemeester, B. Cardoen

Abstract: Hospitals are under growing pressure to cut costs, meanwhile sustaining the level of service provided to the patients. One part of the solution to this difficult task is to improve the efficiency of the operating rooms by using a sound patient sche...

A Tale of Market Efficiency

Authors: T. Verheyden, L. De Moor, F. Van Den Bossche

Abstract: The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) has been subject to debate for decades. The field of behavioral finance was developed in response to the body of anomalous evidence with regard to the EMH. Considering theoretical and empirical research, we sum...

Insights into Road Safety Enforcement

Authors: S. Rousseau, T. Blondiau

Abstract: In this overview we focus on the effectiveness of different road enforcement actions. After establishing the relationship between road user behavior and road safety, we concentrate on speeding, drinking and driving, and seat belt use. Then, we look...