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Results ( 4 ) : 2013 - 3.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Product Platforms: Insights from Literature

Authors: M. Van Den Broeke, R. Boute

Abstract: Product platforms, as a base from which products can be derived, are believed to allow companies to offer their customers large product variety in a cost and time efficient way. However, the overall impact of product platforms on different (supply ...

An Integrative Model for Lean Six Sigma Implementation in Logistics Services Environments

Authors: S. De Leeuw, L. Gutierrez Gutierrez, R. Dubbers

Abstract: Lean Six Sigma (LSS) constitutes a successful initiative for organizational improvement. Despite this success, literature does not include an integrative model for its organizational and practical implementation in logistics services environments. ...

Earnings Management in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Review of the Literature

Authors: W. Creemers, K. Craninckx, N. Huyghebaert

Abstract: Corporate accounting scandals over the last two decades have shown that managers who are eager to expand the size of their company use accepted accounting techniques to inflate their earnings prior to an acquisition. This article reviews the litera...

The Impact of the Emotional and Functional Component of the Customer Experience on the Company-Customer Relationship in Hedonic and Utilitarian Service Contexts

Authors: C. Claeys, I. Roozen

Abstract: In the present study, we investigate the impact of the emotional and the functional component of customer experiences in a hedonic and in an utilitarian service context on customer satisfaction, the likelihood to recommend, loyalty and evoked emoti...