Dear RBE subscriber


In order to give the Review of Business and Economics a more international exposure and enlarge its readership the editorial board has decided to publish the journal with Intersentia, as of 2012, as well as to change the review’s name into Review of Business and Economic Literature (ReBEL).


The Editorial Board is convinced that these changes are in the interest of both the journal and its readers.


The change to a more internationally oriented publisher based  in Cambridge will enhance the Review’s international profile. As of 1 February 2012 our Review will have an individual website: In addition, future potential authors will be able to submit their articles online and the journal’s peer reviews will be processed electronically.  These changes will improve the journal’s impact factor and will enable us to attract more academic authors worldwide.


The Editorial Board also decided to shift the journal’s focus from publishing articles on specific research topics to literature overviews in the field of business and economics. The name Review of Business and Economic Literature (ReBEL) reflects this change. The new focus fills a gap in the academic world as no similar European journal exists. You as a reader will benefit, as the new journal keeps you better up to date with all relevant academic developments in your field of interest.


The Editorial Board is convinced that the journal’s new focus will: a) benefit its readers providing  them with more relevant information; b) attract new authors by improving  the Review’s impact factor;  and c)  expand  the journal’s readership.


We are looking forward to providing you with the first issues of our newly-branded journal.


Yours sincerely


Christophe Crombez